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Pok Pok: Recipes and Stories from the Pok Pok Restaurants, Thailand, and Elsewhere
Andy Ricker, J.J. Goode, David Thompson
Darwin Slept Here: Discovery, Adventure, and Swimming Iguanas in Charles Darwin's South America
Eric Simons
Madame Bovary
Mark Overstall, Malcolm Bowie, Margaret Mauldon, Gustave Flaubert
Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book: 52 Seasonal Recipes for Small Batches
Jennifer Fiedler, Stephen Valand, Erica Shea
The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want
Deepak Chopra
A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking
The Collected John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars (Barsoom, #1-3)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam
Frances FitzGerald
The Lovelace Medical Center: Pioneer in American health care
Jake W Spidle
California's Napa Valley: One Hundred Sixty Years of Wine Making
William Hientz, William F. Heintz

21 Dog Years : Doing Time @ Amazon.com

21 Dog Years : Doing Time @ Amazon.com - Mike Daisey I first saw Mike Daisey in 2005 at the Portland Center Stage performing 21 Dog Years, or Doing Time @ Amazon.com as a one man show. The performance was excellent and I still remember him using the analogy of a three legged dog. (a dog with its leg in a trap chews it off and lives to escape but it still loved because who doesn't like dogs even if they have only three legs). He made me realize that I too could escape a job that I truly hated and I also did a geographic cure. I have a photo of a one legged dog in my wallet to remind me of my escape. The book elaborates on his skit and provided a look into the run up of the 90s and dot com's behaving badly and the greed of the time on both sides of the employment desk (door ala deck top). Living in Portland at the time we heard about the travails up in Seattle at Amazon all the time but did not really know what was going on inside. This spells it out with all the warts. The writing is a bit juvenile but I gather that Mike Daisey is a bit juvenile as well. The one man show was much better but I highly recommend the book even though it is getting a little out of date as the years go by.